Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

(BUET) and Chittagong University have decided that they are not going to the central admission test.

The remaining three universities pursuing the order of 5 are also more likely to not appear in the central admission test organized by the Grants Commission (UGC).

The final decision will be taken at their Academic Council meeting soon.

These three universities are Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University and Rajshahi University. As a result, taking all the public universities together, the central admission test was a bit shaky.

However, the UGC says that if these five universities are not brought, the admission test will be held from the coming academic year with the rest. If they do not come to the end, then the rest will be taken with the central admission test.

The final decision will be taken at the meeting on February 26. Currently there are 6 public universities operating in the country.

However, students are admitted in the first year of graduation (honors) in 6 universities.

In these first year, there are about 4,000 seats. On the contrary, millions of students took the test.

To reduce the physical and psychological distress and financial costs of the students, the UGC undertook a bunch of complimentary or integrated admission tests in the first year of

graduate (honors) in other public universities of the country after seven agricultural universities.

But a few days ago, it was decided to take a test centrally instead of a very sudden bunch-wise or integrated test. Controversy and disagreement over this increase further.

Many university-related people say that it was a good decision to take admission tests in a bunch of like-minded universities. At present, admission test is also done in the medical college of the country.

Even last year, the students were admitted through the Batch Based or Comprehensive Admission Test in seven agricultural universities without any hassle.

There has been renewed debate about how good the central admission test will be.

The Central Admission Test will consist of three separate exams for the Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines.

Through this admission test, a score (score) will be given to the students who want admission. The universities will then apply for the notice with separate notice on their own terms.

On the basis of this, the student will take admission in view of the central admission test score rather than taking the fresh admission test.

But the vice-chancellors of Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Chittagong University and BUET told the UGC that they would inform them about the decision in the meeting of the Education Council. The UGC sought comment on the matter by February 20.

In the meantime, BUET decided to take the admission test on Wednesday at the Education Council meeting.

The next day, the University of Chittagong decided not to take the admission test. Dhaka University Education Council meeting was convened on February 27.

The attitude of many teachers of the university is that they refuse to take the admission test. However, the final decision will be made at the meeting of the Education Council.

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