Universities will select the students for the Central Admission Test

Central admission test will be conducted in the public universities immediately after the results of the higher secondary examination.

Through this test, a score (score) will be given to the admitted students. The universities will then apply on their own terms with separate notice.

Based on this, the student will take admission after taking the fresh admission test, considering the number obtained in the Central Admission Test. (Our web site)

This is how the University Grants Commission (UGC) prepared the preliminary draft proposal for the central admission test at public universities.

On the basis of this, the meeting of all the Vice-Chancellors of the Universities has been convened on 23 February. The whole matter will be final in light of that meeting.

An official of the UGC said the final decision would have to be made to Dhaka University, Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET), Jahangirnagar University and Chittagong University, which are still

According to the preliminary draft proposal, the central admission test will be conducted from 2021-27 academic year, with full confidence in the way students have been admitted in the first

year of graduation (honors) before maintaining their independence in the universities. For the arts, science and commerce subjects there will be three separate admission tests (common questions) in three days.

Separate three Central Examination Committees will be set up for the three branches with experienced and senior teachers from universities.

Each university will have a center on campus. Students will take the examination in the center of their choice.

If a university submits more applications for their ability to take the exam, then according to the merit (Higher Secondary result), arrangements will be made for the examination at.

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Only after determining a student’s score or number through this test will the work of the Central Admission Test Committee be completed. In the draft, the universities will do the job after the admission test.

Each University will publish the admission notification individually by adding their required conditions in the conventional way (as they see fit) and the student will admit the admission considering

The Academic Council or admission committee of the universities will have the opportunity to make necessary conditions. For practical sections, such as architecture, fine arts and music subjects, only practical tests can be taken.

But even in that case, a merit list must be done by adding the central admission test number.

To reduce the physical and psychological distress of students and financial expenditures, universities have long been trying to get admission tests in groups or in combination.

In the light of the same, the students were admitted on the basis of a bunch of admission tests in seven agricultural universities last year or jointly.

Now, from the coming academic year, UGC has taken initiative to take the admission test for all universities. However, Dhaka University, BUET, Jahangirnagar University and Chittagong University have not yet finalized.

They will make their final decision on their decision in the Council of Education. In the meantime, BUET argued that they had previously been told that admission tests would be conducted in a bunch of similar universities.

But at the last minute, the UGC is talking about a central admission test. As a result, no decision can be made on this matter without discussion with the Education Council.

There has also been disagreement among the teachers over the matter. Some say a bunch of test-based initiatives were good. Some say the central test will be good.

UGC chairman Professor Kazi Shahidullah said in the first light a few days ago that no one is objecting to this new method. However, many universities will agree with them.

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