Three Sisters and Three Brothers by Bourne Togheth


Twin The word zaganyiya, meaning the word gegniya, means the same fetus and earth at the same time.

When she has three children, she is called ‘Triple Baby’. Triplett Baby means writing about three children born together.

In Oxford’s English-Bengali dictionary (published from Kolkata) I can see the meaning of the triplet saying, ‘Three children of the same mother are born together’. What will be the Bengali of the triplet?

Mental readers know that in the first light, Sir’s ‘My Dictionary’ was consistently published. Anisuzzaman said the Bengali of the triplet would be Treta or Trita.

Two years later the three daughters were born together. My mother was terrified to hear that three children were in my stomach at once.

He told the doctor, ‘You heal my daughter. Either way, the girl has to be saved first. After they were born, my two sisters asked to give them one by one. Triplet Baby’s mother Munia Hasan said with a smile.

A few days ago, the three children spoke to Maumita Hasan, Mehnaz Hasan and Mehreen Hasan. Two in the science department, one in human. Munia and Mehdi Hassan smiled at the couple at the hands of a skilled surgeon.

The three sisters were born on February 7, 2007 at Pan Pacific Hospital in Shahjahanpur. Munia Hasan said the story of giving birth to her triplet baby – during pregnancy, the doctor told me that since the placenta is one, there will be three girls

And if there is a boy, then all three will be boys. One month into my pregnancy I had to take saline.

There are all kinds of vitamins in milk. During the eight and a half months my gynecologist consulted pediatrician Dr. It turns out, now they have to be kept in an incubator if they are surgically removed.

To avoid that, I had to take a total of seven injections. After birth, the youngest had to feed for a few days with a tube.

I would like to know more about Munia Hasan. In four months it was said that the baby would be twin.

When the three of them heard about it in six months, they were very scared. Munia said, “My older daughter is also a cesarean.” She too was born under the care of the same doctor.

The three daughters are named Sithi, Ritti and Preeti. The look and feel of the two are almost the same.

I used to buy similar clothes for three girls before. She says that if the dress of three is different, people will not easily understand the look of our face.

They are uncomfortable with the curiosity of the people when they see the similarities of their appearance on the road. The house we lived in Chittagong, the landlord was a twin baby.

While living in that house, my three or three children were together. Mehdi Hasan, a father of three daughters, is a chemist by profession. He said, “Girls are my big goals.” I do not allow girls to work in the house.

Before I was born, I was only concerned about one thing. Talked to the three sisters who rode the wick.

To see the sweetness of the far right threejanei. Shy nature They tell me that people always comment on twins as twins. That is why we do not get out of the house at least.

The older Synthi wants to become a doctor. The second one will be the dream engineer of the genre. Absolutely small people want to take teaching as a career.

Glasses in the eyes of the three sisters. Their father said that their eye problems are inherent. Doctors say their eyes should be checked every six months until the age of 6 years.

Biryani is the favorite of the three sisters. Asif Noor Chowdhury and Nelima Zahid Sultan are the couple. There was a lot of anxiety and worry about it.

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