Real estate agent California.


Real estate agent California.

If your next move is to venture into real estate business or start a real estate career in San Francisco, Los angels, san Diego, Sacramento, or any other city in the United States, you must be having California real estate license before you start packing your way to your career.


The minimum requirements to become an agent in California, apply the same way, as to all the real estates in the USA. It would be best if you meet the following criteria:

1. You must be 18 years of age and above.

2. Before the application of a real estate license exam, you are required to complete the college-level real estate courses. The courses exist in four options to choose from, you are required to undertake any option with a 135-hour requirement.

3. When you’re done with the required education, you can apply for the license exam. Your need is to submit the exam application form with a fee. The form requires you to fill in your details, including fingerprints, all your personal and educational details. You must pass the exams to be issued with your license within two years before your application fee expires.

4. Take California’s salesperson license exam, and after passing this exam, you are now ready to operate as an agent in real estate, California.

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