How to Become Real Estate Agent California


Are you considering a career in real estate agent California? If yes, then you need to earn a real estate California license first. To acquire real estate California license, one must be 18 years old and above. In addition to the age requirement, a real estate California agent must be a citizen of the US. Each state in the USA has unique steps to become a real estate agent, but real estate USA has made it compulsory to each state that agents must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the USA.

For a real estate agent California to get a licensing exam, the state requires the individual to complete a 135 hours pre-license course. Real estate California is so much complicated than what is shown on real estate California luxury TV shows. During this course, the aspiring real estate agent California will learn about real estate California principles and practices. In real estate USA, the pre-licensing classes are available online and also in person.

Once the aspiring real estate agent California has completed the course, the person can apply for a licensing exam. Real estate USA made it mandatory that first-time applicants should submit fingerprints together with their application forms. To become a real estate agent California, you have to pass the exam within two years from the date application was submitted. Failure to this, the application and fee expire.

The last step to being a real estate agent California is to take the California salesperson license exam. For the candidate to pass the exam, real estate California requires the candidate to score 70% and above. If you pass the exam, then you can start being a real estate California agent. The four steps must be strictly followed to be a real estate agent California.


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