History of Ayub Bachchu

On Thursday October 8, the voice of the band’s star shone forever.

He will not stage the guitar in his hands. Today is his first death anniversary on Friday, October 5th.

From his teenage years, he used to play guitar, sing and play on the stage. He was associated with the band for a decade from the next five decades. Our website bdliveinfo.com

After leaving Souls, he formed a new band LRB in the 5th. At first, the LRB was fully funded by the Little River Band.

The name was later changed to Profit Runs Blind. Story of a Lost afternoon’ is the first Bengali song to be sung by Ayub Bachchu.

LRB’s debut album ‘One Day in a Sleepless City’ was also written by Shahid Mahmood Jangi. By all means, Ayub Bachchu was a guitar magician.

Son Ahnaf takes the guitar to Tazoa’s father. From that he is ‘One and Only’. It was as if the guitar’s trumpet sound was present all over his body and mind.

Son Ahnaf Tajwar Ayub and daughter Firoz Safra. He was brought to the city of Chittagong on August 8, 2012, during the printing year.

The father wanted the boy to have a name that no one else had. The two names are kept separate, Ayub Bachchu.

Of his numerous songs, which is the best of the 5, it’s hard to pick. He was an expert in the management of tunes and music.

Mahmudul Hasan scored a century against New Zealand in the World Cup semifinals.

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