Comprehensive admission test in all universities from next year

From next year, a comprehensive admission test will be held in all universities including BUET, Science and Technology University, said Education Minister.

He said the Integrated Education Act, which was a long-standing demand, is now in its final stages. I hope I can take the cabinet very soon.

We have formed our Higher Education Accreditation Council. There, the curriculum of all the universities, from the curriculum to the values ​​of all the subjects can be maintained.

He said this during a discussion on the President’s speech on Sunday (February 8th) in the National Assembly session. Education Minister said that the National Qualification Form work is underway.

I have prepared the plans for higher education. I am also making a guideline on the minimum qualifications for hiring a teacher in a university.

He said the demand for integrated admission test is long. It is very difficult to take admission tests in various places especially women students and those who are financially backward.

Many of them are denied the opportunity to take admission tests in many universities. Initiatives have been taken to conduct a comprehensive admission test so that it does not.

This is already happening in the field of agricultural universities. From next year, I hope to be able to take admission in all the other clusters ie the Universities of Science and Technology, University of Engineering and Engineering.

That is, there is a lack of coordination between academia and industry. It seems that many institutions are not getting qualified people and many educated are unemployed.

I am working on curriculum to suit the needs of the workplace through industry and coordination in educational institutions.

Responding to various criticisms of MPO affiliation, the minister said that the process has been terminated according to the principle of MPO admission.

I will be MPO in this process every year. List of MPO admissions from those who applied in a fully computerized manner. Now, if someone gets misinterpreted by the test, they will be excluded from the list.

Responding to the demands of the BNP leaders on the release of Khaleda Zia, she said, the release of Khaleda Zia is being demanded.

I do not understand how a person accused of corruption, how will the government release him? He has been sentenced to court, no matter the petition to the government.

The court has given that the court can release if desired. And if they confess and plead to the President, it is the President’s jurisdiction.

Responding to the decision made by Parliamentarian Harunur Rashid, Minister of State for Primary and Mass Education Zakir Hossain said that 1 lakh 3 thousand 5 teachers have been appointed in government primary schools from 20 to 25 years.

In addition, according to the final results of the recently announced teacher recruitment test, around 5,900 assistant teachers are being appointed in government primary schools across the country soon.

He said that the Government Primary School Teacher Recruitment Rules have been directed by the Central Primary Teacher Selection Committee to directly assign the candidates to the vacant posts of

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