Awesome song in seasonal bhumik’s voice

Ahare Jeevan ‘song sung by Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi’s dub movie, Band Chirkut.

The uniqueness of the lyrics, melodies and singers occupy the audience’s mind. Very happy to know about such a person recently.

Indian artist Seasonal Bhoomik has chosen the song of Chirkut. Not only that, he recently posted a video on Facebook singing the song. Our website 

All of a sudden, it comes to Sumir. Sumi was shocked to see Seasonal Bhoomi singing their own songs. He responded to the incident on Saturday in the first light.

Sitting like a fool in the suddenness of events. Because, seasonal geometry is a great black artist to me. He is one of the riches of this world, talking about people who have lived a life.

The song of Chirkut has got a different dimension to the voice of the seasonal bhumik. Sumi was very pleased to receive the video of that song.

Expressing his gratitude to the artist, Sumi said, “The most respected and beloved Seasonal Earthly, you take gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. Blessed to be able to reach your soul.

If any day we meet, we will shake our heads and give us a hug, please. ‘ Sumi commented on Facebook in such a way, and wrote the seasonal geek, ‘I was a little scared, what do you think!

Now I am convinced to receive your letter. It seemed to me that this is my song. We are having a very tumultuous time here, I was with Labani (Ankh Samuddur), she is my child’s age.

In view of this, Sumi said,  Over the years, how many songs of seasonal geometry, how many words are mine / us, and today we have one of our first songs.

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