Admission test will be conducted on a bunch basis.

Admission test will be conducted on a bunch basis in other universities like Central Agricultural University.

The admission test will be conducted by dividing the universities into four groups.

The admission test will be done by a bunch of science and technology universities, one for engineering universities, one for agricultural universities and another for general universities. our website

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Vice Chancellors at the University Grants Commission (UGC) office in Agargaon on Wednesday. After the meeting, UGC Chairman Kazi Shahidullah said this at a news briefing.

However, the four universities operating in the order of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar, Rajshahi and Chittagong and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) have already said that they are not taking

Currently there are 5 public universities in the country. Of these, 4 are being admitted in the first year of graduation (honors).

UGC decided to take the admission test on a bunch basis to reduce the suffering of the admission-seeking students.

But suddenly the UGC decided to take the central admission test. Where students were supposed to be admitted with three separate tests in humanities, science and commerce.

Many were saying that the basis of the bunch is a good method. Because medical examinations are conducted in this way. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Even last year, seven agricultural universities followed this procedure. In such a situation, today it is decided to take admission test again on a bunch basis.

In the process, there will be three exams (Science, Humanities and Commerce Branches) for general universities. And the other group usually has a plan to take a test. related news site

In this case, the science and technology universities that teach outside the sciences may have multiple tests.

But that will be the same day. According to the press conference, it is through this test that a student will have the opportunity to change branches. That is, if a science student wants to get admission in any humanities.

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